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Why this?


To me, 2019 was about moving on. Sometimes when you move on you leave stuff behind. Every finished beat leaves 5 unfinished ones on my hard drive. Every finished piano composition leaves 10 unfinished ones behind. This _care_package is about raw, (mostly) unreleased stuff I’ve been working on this year. It’s supposed to make you listen and inspire you to sample, produce, sing, rap or do whatever you love to do.


What is the _care_package?


The _care_package is a collection of recent piano recordings (played on my Yamaha DU1A (built 1999) and a Steck piano (ca. 100 years old)), productions and samples i’ve been working on. It contains four folders:


  • 01_piano_mixtape (a raw collection of some songs I’ve been working on) // 6 Tracks // 28:40 min
  • 02_good_morning_vietnam (recent projects with artists or samples from VN) //4 Tracks // 14:14 min
  • 03_beatsbeatsbeats (a couple of beats and a remix) //4 Tracks // 10:23 min
  • 04_.wav the heads (loops/samples/dry piano recordings and much more to discover)
    • 17 loops (full bounces & individual tracks)
    • 5 real piano recordings
    • 4 goodies on top


Why do I need your name and mail address?


Because I need to send you a link. Duh. You’ll also be added to my newsletter (from which you can unsubscribe at any time). Through my newsletter you’ll receive info’s about my most recent releases, new samples or other stuff I’m working on once in a while. I promise it’s not going to get annoying. Be aware: in order to send you a mail I’ll have to store your mailadress on the Mailchimp server. DSGVO. Europeans will know. Be assured: I’ll never ever sell any contacts from my mailing list.


One more thing…


I know most sample packs out there are royalty free. This one isn’t. Feel free to sample and use whatever you find in the folders but if you intend to make money of it hit me up first. I’m part of ICE (GEMA in Germany) and all the material you hear is copyrighted. No matter if you take the „official way“ or not: mention me (@derkalavier). I’d love to hear what happens with my music.


Why would you give a flying f*? Because more than anything else this is about fairness and trust. I give you all of this for free and I trust you to do the right thing. In this fast changing Internet world we’re basically all in the same boat: trying to live of what we love. There will be someone who doesn’t get it, but there’s also you. And you can be the one making the difference.


I’m part of the first German producer society, the Beat Unit e.V. (if you’re a producer you should definitely check that out) and our main goal is to support and connect each other. Because producers need to stick together. There’s already enough crap happening in the music industry. No need to rip anyone off. The fourth folder is my (public) Christmas present to the Beat Unit and everyone else who is listening.

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