producer & pianist

Derkalavier is a pianist and producer without genres or borders. His versatile works include album productions and piano compositions, as well as works for theatre, dance and film.

Trained by a jazz pianist for 13 years, he started looking for new paths on his instrument early on. With the malleable colors of jazz as his springboard early on, he was able to truly find and be himself. Even as a child he delighted with free piano improvisations that drew imaginative pictures in his audiences‘ minds. Soon he was writing his pieces down and started composing for theatre. His second love, producing music, found him later. He studied Keyboards & Music Production at the Music Academy of Münster, Germany, and finished his final exam with awards. During his studies he built up his standing in the Hip Hop scene by collaborating with well known producers and rappers. Meanwhile, his repertoire as a pianist only grew, and took him to festivals and concerts from Berlin to Beijing to Hanoi and beyond. His travels in Asia also provided him the opportunity to perform and collaborate as a producer in the Hip Hop scenes of China and Vietnam.

He released his solo piano debut “Phosphene” in 2017 via his own label, “denkschutz.” The sensitive compositions and improvisations touch listeners of all ages and tastes.
Live, he convinces with a mix of versed presence, sympathetic open-mindedness, and an honest, meditative calm. His piano works go straight to the heart and invite you to close your eyes and let your mind float free.

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