producer & pianist

derkalavier found his roots between black & white keys. Listening to Abdullah Ibrahim & Keith Jarret from the first moment on he early developed a sense for emotions in music. He started playing the piano in 2000, later followed by drums and electric bass. Mostly improvising on the instrument he began writing own compositions and started to produce them a few years later. Before finishing his A-levels he had produced a total of 34 albums in various genres in about four years. In 2012 he founded his label „denkschutz.“ and officially released his first album „If you run, you will die tired.“ with an amrican singer/songwriter.

In 2013 he started his Keyboards & Music Production BA studies at Music Academy M√ľnster, Germany. Gaining more production experience he assisted¬† the producers Figub Brazlevic and Bazzazian -and is still working with them today.

He played with various bands, rappers and jazzcombos, is currently a member of three bands, livekeyboarder for rapper AzudemSK and about to tour with rapper ZETA and his own solo piano-project.

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